Maintenance Checklist From Our Severn Plumbing Contractors

our professional Severn plumbing contractors can install and repair sump pumpsIt's not mystery why most basements flood in the Potomic watershed. A bad sump pump is to blame almost 90% of the time. That's why our Severn plumbing contractors are adamant about yearly sump pump maintenance.

In fact, if you aren't maintaining your sump pump, you may as well stack everything in your basement on pallets and hope the water doesn't get too high, because you will have a flood.

Things that Our plumbing contractors in Severn suggest you should check every spring and fall:

1) Power supply
2) Battery back-up
3) Drain Line
4) Pump Motor
5) Release Valve

If any of these components fails to work properly the entire unit could fail and leave you knee-deep in water. Our Severn plumbing contractors maintenance program can make this a hassle-free process by taking care of the inspection and yearly maintenance for you. This way, you'll never have to slap your forehead for forgetting to check the sump pump!

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